FIGHT GONE BAD!!! Check out what its all about here!!! An amazing benefit WOD for some amazing people!!!!

Today we will only have the 630am, 5pm, and 615pm classes.  NO 730pm!!!!  We will be having a BON FIRE at Port San Luis after the 615pm class with our guests!  Come have some fun!

Intensity.....we talk about this all the time.  Intensity is not how much you sweat, or how hard you are breathing, or how fast your heart is beating.  Its how fast you are doing the work at hand.  This is where the magic happens!!!!  For you to have the gains of working at high intensity, you MUST pick up the tempo.  This means limiting the amount of rest between reps, limiting some of your set-up time, and chipping away at those reps constantly.  The less you are moving, the less work is being done and the lower your intensity.  This is lessening your benefits of the WOD.  So........pick it up!!!!!!  If you feel like you have plateaued, then pick up the tempo.  Unless the WOD is a Strength WOD, scale appropriately so that you are able to have the appropriate tempo.  Ask the Trainer if you are unsure!  



"Welcome to our House!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

9-15-21 reps (10min time limit)

Power Snatch (135#, 95#)

Box Jumps (40", 32")


10 min rest...


8 rounds on 1:30min

100 m sprint

5 reps Power Clean (185#, 125#)

*with BBs sitting in the dirt lot, sprint the length of the driveway to your bar, then perform 5 Power Cleans.  You must be able to make it back to the sidewalk before the 1:30 mark.  Scale as needed.


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