The INFERNO wants to know who the best Team is that will compete in the FIGHT GONE BAD V Benefit Workout on September 25th!!  Put together the best team you can and compete against others for the top in the area!  This all goes to help raise money or 3 amazing charities!  And you don't have to even be an INFERNO member!!!  Its open to anyone and everyone!!  Click here for more info!!!

Well the battle between Travis and Adam rages on each and everyday!  And now people are starting to take sides!!! Just playing:)  But these shirts were pretty funny!!

Today will be the pictures for the finalists of the CROSSFIT INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE! I will be printing out the before and after pictures and ill be asking you all to judge them.  We will have a sign-up sheet to make sure that no one votes more than once.  The gym will pick the top 5 and the myself, Cesar and Josh will pick the top 3.  Good luck to everyone!!!

We will have a sign up sheet for the FGB V Event at the gym.  We are asking for as much help as possible from our members on the day of the event.  Please let us know if you will be able to help out.  Thanks!



"Ah memories"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Deadlifts (while elevated 4 inches)



5 rounds for time:

5 reps Muscle Ups

10 reps Power Cleans (135#, 95#)

200m run

*Sub 3 pull-ups and 3 regular dips per 1 muscle-up.  If doing jumping muscle-ups, you must be able to jump into a full deep ring dip before you press into the top position.  If you don't have an unassisted ring dip then you will do the standard dips for the sub.


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