The benefit workout, "FIGHT GONE BAD V", will be hosted at the INFERNO Gym on Saturday September 25th starting at 10am and going all day!!!!  Click here to see what its all about and how you can get involved!!!!

Yesterday I witnessed some of our newer members make the fist jump towards huge improvements in their workouts.  They went from just doing the workouts, or trying to get through them, to ATTACKING them!  This is something that you cant rush.  If your body isn't ready to do it, it just cant do it.  Usually the first couple months of someones Crossfit career is learning the movements, getting the timing down, and getting your body to move the correct way.  Its not until then can they really get after it.  Now that doesn't mean they aren't getting a great workout.  They really are! But when their body has a solid foundation in ability, strength, conditioning, flexibility, coordination, power, speed, etc etc then they can start to hit the workouts hard.  They aren't afraid of it making them tired.  They almost tell the workout "let me see what you got!!".  I saw that look in their eyes today!!!!  Megan, Chaz, Kevlyn and Deborah very nice job!!!!!  I will be watching for more of this from you ladys!!  Its awesome to see your confidence and your levels of fitness shooting skyward!!!  Keep up the good work!!!!




INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:


Front Squats (155#, 105#)

Ring Dips




4 Rope Climbs


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