FIGHT GONE BAD is less than a month away and we need everyone to help us raise money for our 3 big causes this year: Wounded Warriors, LiveSTRONG and Crossfit Foundations.  Click here to find out out the Benefit Event, the Individual competition, and the new Team competition!!!!

In a world of mediocrity, we strive for excellence here at the INFERNO.  Our members have shown amazing transformations both in physical appearance and performance.  We have a very high standard for all of our members here and believe that people will achieve to where ever that standard is.  Since ours is very high, our members shoot high constantly.  Now of course you cant always have your best score/time/weight, but when you are used to giving your best each day, then you become happy with your outcomes whether its your best or not.  This leads to self confidence and the ability to go for broke without the fear of failure.  We don't want you afraid to fail.  We want you to enjoy the journey of reaching your goals.  Stand tall, chest out, grab the bar and go!  You are doing great, all of you!!!!!! And are doing way more than most:)




INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

100 reps Pull-ups

100 reps Push-ups

100 reps Sit-ups

100 reps Squats




Shoulder Press


*body must stay tight and have no bending of the knees or body before you press.  Its from a dead stop. First set is a warm-up


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