If you haven't checked out MobilityWOD, you need to right away.  MobilityWOD is a mobility experiment by CF Phenom Kelly Starrett.  His goal is to pick apart some of the nagging issues many of us have by giving us a daily mobility workout each day.  The "workout" is no more than 10 minutes and is movement that will show improvement right after you do it.  He gives you a test movement, has you do the wod, then re-test and you should see more and improved movement.  Now don't think that this is stretching.  We don't "stretch", or more appropriately, static stretch.  Whenever we move a joint or move to the extension of a muscle, go to where it stops then contract it.  Hold that for 15 sec -ish, and then move further on it.  Continue as you need to.  This contraction and relaxation of the muscle will build tensile strength instead of stretching and actually losing strength.  Check out MobilityWOD.  You can do it at home or even before you come to workout!! 



"This or That"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Pick between either of the 2 workouts:

1) 10k run (6.2 miles) for time




2) Repeat of yesterdays....

300m Weighted Walk (95#, 75#)

80reps KB Swing (55#, 35#)

300 m Weighted Walk

60 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull

300m Weighted Walk

40 reps Power Snatch

300m Weighted Walk

20 reps Squat Cleans

** Rx'ed weight on all barbells is 95# and 75#.  Only different weight is KBs at 55#, 35#.  On the weighted walk, you must lock the bar out overhead and walk.  It can not rest on your shoulders. If the resides anywhere but locked out overhead you must stop and can only start walking once the bar is back overhead again.

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