FIGHT GONE BAD V is alive and well at the INFENRO!!!!  Come join us raise money for cancer survivors, wounded veterans and disabled public safety personnel.  The benefit event is September 25th at the INFERNO GYM.  Click here for more info!!!

The goals board will be erased tomorrow of anything that is past the date.  Did you successfully accomplish your goal?  Remember, you want to set a goal that is reasonable.  What this means is pick something that you truly feel that you can get if you put some time into it.  Don't pick an initial goal that requires years of training and practice.  We are looking for short-term goals, ones that you see possible in a month or two max.  Once you pick your goal, then you need to practice it or train on it to achieve it..  Its not enough to just want to do it or complete it, you have to improve yourself.  So pick the goal, write it down, give yourself a date, do your daily WOD, practice what you need to to achieve the goal, and then get it!!!!  Be confident in yourself and diligent in your actions to accomplish it.  Good Luck!!



"Over the top"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following: (40 min time limit)


300m Weighted Walk (95#, 75#)

80 reps KB Swings (55, 35#)

300m Weighted Walk

60 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull

300m Weighted Walk

40 reps Power Snatch

300m Weighted Walk

20 reps Squat Cleans

** Rx'ed weight on all barbells is 95# and 75#.  Only different weight is KBs at 55#, 35#.  On the weighted walk, you must lock the bar out overhead and walk.  It can not rest on your shoulders. If the resides anywhere but locked out overhead you must stop and can only start walking once the bar is back overhead again.


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