FIGHT GONE BAD V is a benefit event that will be hosted here at the INFERNO that will benefit those fighting cancer, and for our wounded Veterans and Public Safety Personnel.  Click here and see what it all about!!!

Humility......this is the act of being humble about yourself and your accomplishments.  I have met many of the top Crossfitters in the world, and what they have, as well as many other top athletes, is that they are very humble.  Listen to them and how they talk.  Its always about how great everyone is and being able to compete with such great athletes, etc.  Are they good and do they have the ability to say how BADASS they are?  Sure they do but they don't need to talk about it.  They let their actions show how BADASS they are.  Think Chris Spealler, Kristian Clever, etc.  So even though you may be able to lift more, run faster, or jump higher than someone else, be humble about it.  Remember that there is ALWAYS someone better, and anyone can be beat on any day.  So, be proud of your accomplishments but don't be HUMBLE!

Josh L. is putting together an INFERNO Fantasy Football league!  For any of you who are interested, and this is for both guys and girls, there is a sign-up sheet at the gym.  Sign up there or get in touch with him soon!!!!



"Gets it Up!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Snatch Balance (20min time limit)





4 rounds for time (20 min time limit):

5 reps Snatch Grip Deadlift (115#, 75#)

5 reps Power Snatch (115#, 75#)

5 reps Overhead Squat (115#, 75#)

200m run


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Snatch Balance [wmv] [mov]

Power Snatch [wmv][mov]