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Now I'm not saying going on long runs, or bike rides, etc is a great way to relieve stress.  Sure its good exercise too.  But when people tell me that they are doing it because we aren't doing enough "cardio", then I see how people still don't quite understand how INFERNO training works.  Remember, the key to what we do is HIGH INTENSITY.  It doesn't matter if the workout is short or long, heavy or light, you need to push as hard as you can.  Now, if you feel this intensity when you do your alternate workout, then yes you are getting some cardio benefits out of it.  If you don't, then you are just burning a couple extra calories.  Remember, going hard and fast will give you the endurance and cardio benefits as well as building your strength, explosive power and keeping, and building, muscle tone.  Long slow duration exercise will not build any power, will not keep any muscle tone and will only be another hour out of your day.  At the INFERNO we don't talk strength and cardio days.  We blur the line between the two and then we talk INTENSITY!!!! 

Great job to all of those who ran Bishops Peak yesterday!!!!!



"Test 3"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Push Press





Tabata Squats

*8 rounds of 20 secs max air squats, then 10 sec rest. Total of 4 minutes. Then immediately following your squats you must do as many Muscle-ups as you can in 4 minutes. Total WOD time is 8 minutes.

**Score this workout by multiplying the lowest Tabata Squat round by the number of Muscle-ups completed

***Muscle-up Subs: 2 "jumping into deep dip" muscle-up = 1 MU, 4 "jumping into locked arm position" muscle-up = 1 MU, or 3 pulls and 3 dips = 1 MU


Post to weights and score to comments: