As your coach, I have noticed a couple things that will help you as the athlete.  First, if you come into these workouts and feel like it will be hard and it will crush you, guess will.  All of these workouts are hard, so don't worry if it will be hard or not.  That is a given.  But if you come in and think that you will struggle then you have already prepped yourself for that.  You have to be confident and look at these workouts as a challenge.  You have to say "Bring it on!  Show me what you got!".  Be mentally ready to attack these moves and these weights.  Just as in life, most of this stuff is mental!  Second, we do our workouts over different time frames so that you are able to train at different intensity levels.  You will be able to be much more intense in a 3 minute workout than you could in a 30 minute workout right?  Right!  What this means is that if you have shorter time frames, then you need to ramp-up the intensity of your moves.....go faster!  I'm not saying get out of control and lose your range of motion, but I am saying "pick it up"!  Yes it will be tough in the beginning but once your body is used to it, then you will be able to achieve much higher performance goals. And lastly, please do not skip out on workouts that have movements you don't like.  We want to improve on ALL of your weaknesses.  But you have to be here on those days to improve it.  We leave pride outside the door when we train here.  So don't be shy or embarrassed.  Just come in and lets improve it all.  I am in no way calling anyone out with this post.  What i am doing is saying that these things are there and we can fix them. All of you work hard and all of you have your up days and your down days.  Our job is to push you to succeed and this is what we are doing.  Keep up the good work everyone!!



"Beautiful Mixture"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Tabata Pistols

*do the same leg for the whole 20 secs then switch to the other leg for the next round (4 rds per leg)


Rest 15 secs


As many sets of 10 reps unbroken Chest to Bar Pull-ups in 5 minutes


Rest 15 sec


75 reps Box Jump (36", 30"), for time


*score wod: total pistols +total number of completed pull-up sets + time for box jumps

(i.e.  60 + 7 + 4:30)


Post score to comments: