So how many days should you go through these crazy workouts?People ask this question all the time.  Here is what we say......When you first sign up and are doing the workouts, yes you are tired but you aren't quite to the point where your intensity is truly high yet.  You are learning movements, and we want you to perfect the form and be consistent with the movements.  While this is happening, going 5 days a week is fine.  You will be getting great workouts but its more to get through them.  Once you get to the point where you are "attacking" the workouts, when you come in ready to truly destroy it, then your intensity is up in the "high" realm.  Working out in this realm is both physically and mentally draining.  So, here you can do a 3 day on and 1 day off routine.  Or if you still want to go 5 days a week, go 3 days really hard, then about 75-80% on the 4th day and 50% on the 5th.  This way you getting the rest you need to grow, and you aren't mentally crushing yourself.  The key to the program is intensity.  We need to keep it up, we need to keep it high.  So come on in and crush with us!!!!!

Great job to those of you who were at the Foundations Class yesterday!  You all did very well and hopefully it gave you some good instruction and things to think about when you come to workout.  Remember, the warm-up we do is the time build that muscle memory and concentrate on perfecting your form.  Make your body go where its supposed to go.  It takes some practice and maybe a little time but you'll get there!!  Keep it up!!


___________________________ DSCN2951

"Get it Done!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


7 rounds of:

3 reps Power Cleans (205#, 145#)

7 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

200m run


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