While doing the commentary at this year's 2010 CROSSFIT GAMES with Justin Judkins of Crossfit Radio, we would look in amazement at how many good looking people there were in one place.  Not only the competitors, but everyone in the stands as well!  It was so insane that a writer from Forbes Magazine wrote "talk about sex appeal.....not unlike the professional volleyball tour, this sport exudes attractiveness....and sex sells!"  This goes to show you what a Crossfit Lifestyle does.  You workout hard, eat right, take care of yourself and you just look good.  But what was more impressive is that even though everyone looked amazing, everyone looked different.  It wasn't the "classic model in the magazine", or the" extremely buffed up muscle headed guy" look, but very athletic.  Shorter, Taller, Thicker, Leaner, and everything in between but it still all looked good!  For those that don't understand what I'm talking about, just look at these competitors from the games.  Now I'm a guy, and i love the ladies so I have to put this one in.  But I know you ladies will agree with me, a beautiful body is a beautiful body.  And these ladies are just that: Strong, Athletic, Sexy, Able, Confident, and all around just hot!!!  This is what Crossfit and training at the INFERNO can do for you!!!!!!  Tell me what you think!!!

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The Foundations Class starts today at 7am and goes until 10am.  We will still have our normal 930am training session so hopefully we see you at one of them at least!!!


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"I love 3'somes!"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete for time in teams of 3:

120 Overhead Squats (95/65lbs)
120 Pull-ups
120 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
120 Single Arm DB Squat Snatch (50#, 35#)

After all 480 reps are complete, the team will do 20 muscle-ups.

*Each team of 3 can have any mix of males and female but must have at least 1 of each.  If there is an odd number then do a team of 2 but make it 80 reps of each and 12 muscle-ups.  Only 1 person works a t a time.

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