All of our movements start from our hips.  It doesn't matter what it is, it starts at the hips and then moves out to the extremities.  All of our workouts have a "hip opening" component to it.  This isn't because we like hip opening movements, but because they are the basis of ALL our movements.  The more powerful, efficient and full range this "hip opening" is, the more weight we can move.  This translates to more work being done, more power being generated, more muscles being used, more calories being burned and a more fit you.  So, today when you are cleaning and jumping, concentrate on slamming your hips open as hard and as violently as you can.  Don't get lost in the workout.  No matter how tired you are or how heavy it feels.  This is when you really need to focus and when you have to have good efficient explosive form.  Stay on it!!!

Foundation Class will be this Saturday at the gym starting at 7am until 10am.  email at if you are planning on coming.  Members who have already had the class, you are welcome to retake it anytime you like.  Its always good to get a little refresher!

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"Stand up for your Right!"

Inferno Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

12-1 reps Power Cleans (115#, 75#)

1-12reps Reverse Burpees Pull-ups

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