One of the many great things about the INFERNO is the communal tie we have between us that would never be here if the INFERNO wasn't around.  We have people from all walks of life, from different stages in their life, different backgrounds and histories, etc all coming together as a team on a quest for a more functional life.  I love this!!!!!  Each day, on this site, you are able to see what the workout is.  Most of you read it (some of you cant wait to read it!)  However the last part of the workout always seems to be missed.  You do the warm-up, you do the workout, but the final thing that is written EVERYDAY is.............POST YOUR TIMES AND SCORES TO COMMENTS!  This is a very important part to our gym.  I know we have you put your progress in your journals and thats important too but when everyone writes down how they did on the workout, it builds the community by a few different ways: 1) it gives each of us something to shoot for or to be able to use competition to drive us, 2) it allows us to vocally root on different people (and everyone likes to be congratulated or cheered on), and 3) since we "leave our pride at the door", we should NEVER be concerned about if someone did better than we did that day, or that you are worried that you may be lifting the least or running the slowest.  No one cares honestly.  What the group will see is you improving and getting better.  And this applies to each person no matter how good you are.  We all can improve but the best way is to have YOUR people behind you pushing you.  SO, with all that, when you are done with the workout, get on the computer and post your scores.  The more we chat on there the more the entire INFERNO TEAM is connected!  Keep up the great work everyone!!

We will be having our Foundations Class this Saturday starting at 7am.  This 3 hour class will be specific instruction on the 9 basic movements of Crossfit and will improve your movements and efficiencies in your workouts resulting in more gains in the 10 physical traits of fitness.  Email at if you will be making it!



"Post this!"

Inferno Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


100 Wall Ball Squat Throws (20#, 15#)

*with a partner


Hand Stand Push-up Clock

*perform 1 hspu the 1st min, 2 in the 2nd, 3 in the 3rd, 4 in the 4th, etc until you are unable to get the correct # in that minute.  If you do not complete the 10th rd, you will take a 1 min break, then do three 1 min rds of 70% of your highest completed rd (ie, didn't finish the 9th rd, take 1 min rest then do 3 rd of [70% x 8=5.6 or 6] 6 reps before you are done.

**Scaling: if you do not do rx against the wall then the numbers are doubled.  You may also scale up using the parallettes.


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