I just watched the video on the Journal about Pose running and Perception.  The interesting thing about the video is that Dr Romanov stated that most people sense the world but don't perceive it.  When some run, they think its just moving their legs.  This is "sensing" your legs moving.  When in reality, running is a controlled fall so the runner needs to perceive the action that is taking place and feel his/her body leaning forward and then putting the leg down to stop from dropping to the ground.  This controlled fall will allow them to move forward.  The same thing goes for all of our movements and this is why I emphasize the importance of perceiving what your body is doing during your warm-up.  Your squats are not just going down to a particular depth.  Its putting the weight on your heels and moving your butt backwards to lower your self down.  It takes time to feel this.  Same with all of the other warm-up movements we do.  Don't rush it.....Feel it......Perceive what your body is doing.  We do this each day so that we develop body awareness and learn muscle memory of PROPER movements, not just to do any movements. The warm-up is extremely important for so many reasons.  Think of that every time to warm-up!!

On August 3rd, we will be hosting apresentation by Dr. Steve Tullius of Tullius Chiropractic.  He will be host a free discussion about Chiropractic and Wellness and an Active Lifestyle.  It will be an amazing presentation so please come and enjoy the info!  Spread the word! Its for everyone, not just members!!


____________________ DSCN1802

"Inferno Heat"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

150m Weighted Run (45#, 25#)
21 reps Wall Balls (20#, 15#)
21 reps Power Snatches (115#, 75#)

150m Weighted Run
15 reps Wall Balls
15 reps Power Snatches

150m Weighted Run
9 reps Wall Balls
9 reps Power Snatches


Max Over Head Squats in 5 minutes (135#, 95#)


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