The workouts that we do here at the INFERNO are nothing likeany other gym around here does.  They are hard.  Getting into shape or bettering your fitness and functionality isn't easy.  So, we need to have hard workouts to push you to that next level, from no matter where you are starting.  But it doesn't just take physical toughness to do these WODS, it takes MENTAL TOUGHNESS as well.  First off, don't even waste any time or energy thinking about the fact that it is going to be hard.  Guess what......they are all hard!!!!  So, that's a given!  The next thing is to not try to see the whole WOD as one giant piece.  Don't do the math and figure out that you have to do 400 squats and 150 pull-ups, etc, etc.  You need to be able to focus your mind on little chunks at a time.  This way you will have small successes thought the WOD.  This also gives you the feeling of moving forward.  If you have to do 150 reps of anything and you are on 24, then 150 seems for ever away.  If you are doing sets of 5 or 10, then going only having to go to that doesn't seem as impossible.  Don't get discouraged or frustrated.  Stay calm and focused on the task at hand, not work, boy friend/girlfriend, money, etc.  Block it all out and let your body do what it does........GRIND OUT WORKOUTS!! 

On August 3rd, we will be hosting a presentation by Dr. Steve Tullius of Tullius Chiropractic.  He will be host a free discussion about Chiropractic and Wellness and an Active Lifestyle.  It will be an amazing presentation so please come and enjoy the info!  Spread the word! Its for everyone, not just members!!


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Back Squat
10 reps warm-up
5 reps @ 80% 1 rep max
3 reps @ 90% 1 rep max
As many as possible of 95% 1 rep max



"DT": 5 rounds for time:

12 reps Deadlift
9 reps Hang Power Clean
6 reps Push Jerk
*All movements are RX at 155#, 105#

Post weights and time to comments:

Hang Power Clean [wmv][mov]

Push Jerk [wmv][mov]