I heard the other day some firefighter saying that "kipping" pull-ups don't do anything for you.  It amazes me sometimes how brain-washed the public is about working out and training.  If you look at the Pull-up, it is a great move.  It definitely is an arm and back movement.  However, if you say that kipping is cheating then you must be a body builder who is preparing to get on stage.  If isolated movements is want you want, then a strict pull-up is that.  But lets think about functionality.  If a firefighter was to fall through a roof and be hanging from the rafters or an officer have to climb up over a wall, is he/she going to use a dead-hang strict pull-up?  Not at all!  They would use their entire body to get themselves up and out or up and over.  These kipping movements also use the arms and back but also employ the muscles from the hips and core.  So is a kipping pull-up worthless? I would disagree. Besides, isolation training trains isolated movements and public safety, military, elite athletes and alike are multi, or functional movement users.  Also, when Crossfitters use the kipping or butterfly pull-ups, they are doing it to do more work or generate more power.  Work is force times distance; how heavy and how far it moves.  If you do more reps, then you do more work.  If you can do more work in less time, then you have generated more power.  You tell me if you can do more strict pull-ups or more kipping pull-ups in a shorter time.  A body that looks good but isn't functional is like a race car without and engine.  If you push for "power" or performance, then you get the great body plus the functional body.  Besides have you ever tried to 120 pull-ups strict?  As well as having other things in the workout too???  That's what I thought!  There is NO other workout for public safety personnel!!

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__________________________  DSCN2800

"Tabata This"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Weighted Push-up

*warm-up, 5-5-5-5

**Place bumpers right on the shoulder blades and chest must touch then have full locked arms at the end.  Keep body tight and straight for whole movement.




"Tabata This"

8 rounds of Tabata (20 secs of max reps, 10 secs of rest) of Pull-ups, Push-ups, Sit-ups and Squats.  Total time is 16 minutes.  Each movement is 4 minutes long.  Only the 10 secs of rest between movements.


Post weights and reps of each move to comments: