Hey everyone!  If you missed it, the Preview Show for the 2010 CROSSFIT GAMES is finally up.  check this link to see it.  It is really a good prep for the whole games!

Crossit Preview Show Download as QuickTime.
Crossfit Preview Show Download as Windows Media

On August 3rd, we will be hosting a presentation by Dr. Steve Tullius of Tullius Chiropractic.  He will be host a free discussion about Chiropractic and Wellness and an Active Lifestyle.  It will be an amazing presentation so please come and enjoy the info!  Spread the word! Its for everyone, not just members!!


___________________________ DSCN2945

"Another Games WOD"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

Deadlifts on raised platform 4"

Warm-up, 5-5-5




5 rounds of:

7 reps Deadlifts (315#, 205#)

Run 20m

14 reps Pistols

21 reps Double Unders

Run 20m


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