It has been said that "Fatigue can make a coward out of us all."  This is something that I personally try to attack with my firefighters.  They can be the most book smart firefighters of all time but if they get tired, then they either cant make themselves do what they need to do, or they physically cant think about what they are supposed to do.  They go into a self protection mode.  This applies to everyone in all walks of life.  We need to have a level of training that will supply us with strength, conditioning, stamina, power, flexibility, balance, etc, etc so that when life hands us a unique situation, we will be able to use, not just our body but, our mind to assess the situation and react appropriately.  This is what GENERAL PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS is all about.  Being ready for anything so that you can respond with the skills and knowledge that you have.  So lets get to it!!!!



"Games Affiliate WOD 2"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete 2 Rounds of the following with Teams of 3 or 4:

300m run, whole team runs

15 reps Box Jumps over box 24"

15 reps DB Squat Cleans (50#, 35#)

30 reps Double Unders

15 reps Push-ups w Release of hands on ground

15 reps Toes to Bar

30yds Walking Lunges

*Team can not start the box jumps until the entire team is back in the gym, each member will do all the moves but you can not move forward until the person behind you is done with their movement, you must kneel by your station while you wait, once the last member finishes the lunge then the whole team can start the run.

**Teams will be picked randomly so that 1 team is not stacked. 


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