Glitz and Glamor..... sure its cool to have the hot body with tight abs and rippling muscles, or a toned butt and amazing shoulders.  Yes these body parts get paraded around at times.  But this is just the outer shell.  There is a ton of work that goes into a body that can/needs to perform.  This was the same at the Crossfit Games.  On the outside, there was a festival of workout bodies, toned, tan, and looking good surrounding a Stadium with elite fitness athletes doing big work.  There were broadcasters on the big screen, analysts, and roving reporters.  There were thousand dollar jib cams and jumbo trons and a DJ blasting some excellent workout music.  But this was all the outside shell.  All the inner workings, all the building of the equipment, all of the people needed and work done to make all the outside look incredible was all do to all the hard work by many volunteers who gave their time to help make the Games and insane spectacle.  For those that were part of the creation of the event..... UNBELIEVABLE JOB!!!  It could not have been done without you, your help and your valuable time!!




INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:


Turkish Get-ups

1 Rep Max on each arm

*practice movement then 15 minutes of work




5 rounds of:

10 reps Single Arm Squat Snatch (55#, 35#)

30 reps Push-ups with release off ground

50 reps Double Unders (sub 3:1 for singles)


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