Day 2 of the 2010 CROSSFIT GAMES starts today and I hope you have been tuning in to one of the most amazing fitness competition events ever!  The Home Depot Center is an amazing arena to host some of the worlds best athletes!  Tune in to the live Broadcast going on all day long at this link!!!  Ill be home soon to tell you all about the event and the production behind it.  It unreal for sure!!!

This Tuesday, Dr. Steven Tullius of Tullius Chiropractic will do a free presentation about Chiropractic and Wellness and how it fits into athletics and an athletic lifestyle.  This presentation will be during the normal 730pm class time.  Lets make sure he has a great showing for this very informative topic!



"Burpee Stuff"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:


Front Squats

Warm-up, 5-5-5




Complete 7 rounds for time: (20 min time limit)

4 reps of Burpee Deadlifts (150#, 105#)

3 reps of Burpee Power Cleans (150#, 105#)

2 reps of Burpee Squat Cleans (150#, 105#)

1 rep of Burpee Squat Clean and Jerk (150#, 105#)


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