Some people do Crossfit workouts on their own.  I think this is great!!!  Anyone that has realized what these workout can do for them is definitely on the right track!!  Some wonder what would they get by going to a gym and paying to do the workouts.  First off, having a certified trainer keep you on track with your form in the moves is invaluable. Proper form and instruction allows you to build that foundation strength through the full range of the movements and makes your moves more efficient, which allows for more generated POWER.  Second, the comradery in the gym is second to none.  When people are sweating, yelling, and pushing along side of you, that's the time when the "team" is built.  Another key point, is that pushing yourself to your ultimate limit each workout is EXTREMELY difficult.  Knowing that you are going to be hurting, gasping and sweating makes for an easy excuse not to push or just rather sit and watch some t.v.  When your with our gym, the hardest part about the workout is getting there.  Once your there, the energy of the coaches and the other members will send you to new heights and new personal bests.  Come in and give us a try.  Even if you already Crossfit, come in and see what some INFERNO energy can do for you.....and the first workout is ALWAYS FREE!!!!!



"7 rounds of 7"

CFI Warm-up x 3

Complete 7 rounds for time:

7 reps Power Snatch (95#, 65#)

7 reps Snatch Balance (95#, 65#)

7 reps Overhead Squats (95#, 65#)

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