Well the PALEO CHALLENGE has started and we had a big group of people there for our discussion on what it is and how it works.  If there are some of you that were not able to make it, we will allow you through Saturday at our morning class to sign up and get your picture taken.  This goes out to all of our members new and old........if you haven't done a challenge like this before, or you need to get back to eating healthy again, then this is a calling to you.  Just because you "think you eat healthy" doesn't mean you are.  EVERYONE THINKS THEY EAT "PRETTY" HEALTHY!!!  Give your body a chance to work on some good fuel.  See what it does for you!  Don't let all those excuses get in the way.."I'm too busy", "I don't have the time", "its too hard", "I'm not going to win so why do it", "I already did this last time", etc etc etc!  This is your body and your life we are talking about!  The ONLY way to get kicked out of the Challenge is to not submit your weekly eat/drink log......that's it!!!!  Come reap the benefits of this eating plan!!!!  See what kind of changes you will see!

__________________________ DSCN2510

"2 fer 1"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Sumo Deadlifts

Warm-up, 5-5-5

*this deadlift is the same set up (wide stance with hands on bar between legs) as the high pull but you only do the deadlift portion




5 Rounds of:

10 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull (135#, 95#)

5 reps Push Press (135#, 95)

rest 3 minutes.....

3 Rounds of:

10 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95#, 65#)

5 reps Push Press (95#, 65#)


Post weights and time to comments: