Today we start the CROSSFIT PALEO CHALLENGE!  If you are going to be part of this amazing event, please be at the 730pm time slot and we will discuss the Paleo diet and how the Challenge will work.  We also will be taking pictures of each of us for our  "before" shots.  Why should you do this challenge and pay $30 to change the way you are eating?  Well the money is just to give you a little more incentive to stay with it.  But this diet is set up to give you better health, less body fat and more energy!!  We are doing it for 8 weeks so that you can see the changes but this diet is more of a way of life.  Its a diet that the longer you do it, the healthier you will become!!  Come find out more about it tonight at the gym.  THERE WILL NOT BE ANY CLASS AT 730PM SO THAT WE CAN DO THE CHALLENGE DISCUSSION!!!!!



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Max Rounds in 20  minutes of:

5    reps Hand Stand Push-Ups
10  reps Pull-ups
15  reps Burpees
20  reps 24" Box Jumps




Max height box jump


Post rounds and box height to comments: