The CROSSFIT INFERNO CHALLENGE will start tomorrow with the intro meeting happening at the 730pm class time.  So no workout at 730 tomorrow. We will be discussing the PALEO diet, how the event will work and take the "before" pictures.  Remember to wear something that is revealing enough to see changes, preferably the same clothes for the "before" and "after" so changes are very evident! This is going to be fun!!

If you haven't ever really tested how your body will react if you eat/dont eat certain foods, now is the time to give it a try.  Everyone is willing to take the latest supplement that is pushed in all the muscle magazines when you are promised weight loss, strength gain, etc.  But if you ask someone to not eat bread or grains, they get totally upset! Why?  Because people believe what they want to believe.  If they think that bread is good for them, then it doesn't matter what anyone says.  However if they really wanted to test it, then they would take bread out of their diet completely for an amount of time and see how they feel.  If you never have tried it, then you wont really ever know.  Give it a try......try PALEO for 8 weeks.  I bet you will see some good things happen!!

"Deads Done"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Warm-up, 5-5-5-5

*all deadlifts will be from elevated platform of 4 inches




4 Rounds of 45 sec max reps, 15 sec rest:

15 reps Deadlifts (185#, 125#)

    *deads done on the 4" platform

Rope Climbs

    *incline rope pulls for sub

Dumbbell Thrusters (50#, 35#)

Total time 12 minutes

Post dead weights and total reps to comments: