We say that each and every workout can be scaled.  We do this so that everyone is able to work in the same metabolic time frame as everyone else, or at least similar.  However, we also scale workouts for injuries or for lack of strength in certain moves.  Other than the weighted pull-ups, the versions of the workouts are scaled versions. What we are going to do is scale the weight in these examples and bring everyone to a PVC pipe.  But since we dropped the weight drastically, we are going to up the reps.  Now, if you are thinking that you will not get a good workout from this, or that you didn't get a good enough workout, then you did not push hard enough.  All of the workouts we do, or we have you scale to for whatever reason, is done to give you a good workout.  Push these movements hard and fast.  Ensure full range of motion on each rep.  Each of the workouts are great workouts but it takes you to push them.

Our INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE will start this Wednesday at the 730pm time slot.  We will not have normal 730pm class that night so tat we can do the PALEO intro and discussion about the event.  Be there to take your "before" pics!!

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Weighted Pull-ups





Light Fran


Thrusters (PVC pipe)

Jumping Pull-ups

*Stack bumpers or box up under bar so that your knees are slightly bent when you grab the bar, jump until you touch your chest to bar.


then 3 minutes rest.....


Skinny Isabel

90 reps of Full Squat Snatch (PVC pipe)

30 reps Single Leg Squats (alternate, or stay w one leg)


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