Today is the day we celebrate our nations Independence.  We officially split from Great Britain and became our own nation.  This is a hefty thing to do but we did it and we have fought to keep ourselves a great nation.  We must, however, make sure that we do not blindly follow a flag and a leader.  We need to know why things are happening.  Why does it seem like there are those that  make the decisions and those who have to follow.  Who are the decisions being made for?  There is always corruption in government, and ours is no different.  I don't usually make political conversation on the INFERNO blog, and i will keep this one brief.  We have the ability to be great.  We need to be great for OUR county, not just for the handful if rich people at the top.  That was why we left Europe.  Lets remember on this day why we became our own nation!  Lets also remember all those who have fought for our nation. Not just in a military sense but all of those great Americans that have helped to make our county an amazing place!  Happy Birthday America!!
"Happy Birthday America"American-flag
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete for time:

10 rounds for time:

10 reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups

10 reps Ring Dips

10 reps Sit-ups

10 reps Squat Jumps


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