Mental Toughness.....everyone talks about it but do they really have it?  Mental Toughness is that ability to keep going when it gets uncomfortable.  This point of uncomfortability can be at any point: just going to the gym, getting mentally ready in the warm up, pushing yourself to go heavy, getting in the workout and when you start to breath hard, or when your muscles are burning, or when your at rep 7 and you need to get to rep 10.  Our bodies have the ability to do much more work than we usually do.  the brain will tell us we are getting tired and give us some of these signals so that we don't do damage to our bodes and so that we stop way early.  Our goal must be to push this line back as far as possible.  Yes you will have some days better than other, but the point is to keep pushing it back.  Is it going to hurt?  Yep!  But the comfortable we get at being uncomfortable, the more we will be able to achieve!!  Lance Armstrong was asked if the training and the races still hurt him because he doesn't show it as much as other riders.  His response was "it ALWAYS hurts!  Im just used to being there more than other riders!"   This is were you need to be!  See how far you can go!

Foundations Class this Friday at 10am.  Email if you will be going! 

CORSSFIT INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE starts next Wednesday with the pictures and intro discussion to be held at the 730class time.  So there will not be any class at that time!!

"AHHH Squats!"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Back Squats (20 min time limit)

Warm-up, 3-3-3-3




4 rounds of: (20 min time limit)

12 reps Back Squat (135#, 95#)

400mm Run

21 reps KB Swing (55#, 35#)


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