General Physical Preparedness.......when someone asks me what training the INFERNO way will do for them, this is what I tell them.  And what is it?  It is the basic ability to do ANYTHING well.  Yes that seems VERY broad, but it is totally true.  Since we use truly functional movements, movements that are multi-joint, multi-dimensional, and simulate movements done in real life, and we do them in so many different ways, you then have a base foundation for ALL movements you may have to do.  Now it wont make you the BEST at any one thing alone.  But don't you think you could make someone who is a great overall athlete into a great specialist athlete after you give them some specific sport technique work?  Think about it....the better overall athlete you are, the better you will be at EVERY activity you do.  That's what training with us will get you!!!!!

We will be having a Foundations Class this Friday.  Please email us at and subject it "Foundations Class" and let us know if your interested and what times may work best for you.  we know some of you still need the class and we want to make sure you get this very specialized instruction.  See you on Friday!!
___________________________ DSCN2943
"Clean this Jerk"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Clean and Jerk

Warm-up, 3-3-3-3




Clean n Jerk Clock (135#, 95#)

*do 1 rep the first minute, 2 in the 2nd min, 3 in the 3rd min, 4 reps in the 4th and so on until you fail the needed number of reps in the minute.  You must complete a minimum of 10 rounds. If you dont, then you will take 1 minute rest then do 3 one minute rounds of 70% your highest completed round (ie, you get 5 reps in the 8 round, you rest the next minute then do 3 rounds of [7x.7=4.9 or 5 ] 5 reps)

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