Id like to thanks everyone that come out for the Beach WOD yesterday at Avila Beach!  It was an amazing time for everyone and you definitely made all the on-lookers jealous of your mad athletic skills!!!  Keep spreading the word about the INFERNO and great things it does for you!!!

I have some ideas for some other fun workouts and workout locations.  If you have anything you think might be a good time for the group, post it on the comments.  Also, I'm trying to post local, or sometimes not to local, events that we can get people to do: runs, swims, adventure races, etc. If you know of something, email it and I'll get it on the list of "Things to Do"!

___________________________Photo 2
"How Much Push"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete for time:



Ring Dips

Hand Stand Push-ups

200m Run between each set (there are 15 sets)

*set 1 is 15 dips, 1 hspu, 200m run, set 2 is 14 dips, 2 hspu, 200m run, etc.


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IMG00034-20100626-1012 Oh how i love Burpee Broad Jumps! 

IMG00031-20100626-1009 Jackson on the Sand Bag Clean and Throw