The Worlds Record Standing Box Jump has just been set at 56" this past June 15, 2010 by Ryan moody of Crossfit 801.  Check the video below.  So how does one get the world record for that?  Do you just constantly jump boxes all the time and work on the explosiveness?  Most would say yes.  I would say NO.  A standing box jump requires a couple things: explosiveness from a violent opening of the hips, a quick and hard closing of the hips, and finally flexibility in the hips to allow your body to pull your feet up as high as possible.  This movement is no different than a Squat Clean, a deep Kettle Bell Swing, a Wall Ball, throw, Thruster, or Front Squat.  In all of these movements, the powerful explosive opening and closing and flexibility of the hips needs to happen to get the max weight, or max height as in the box jump.  So if you are doing all of these other moves, you are in essence working on the box jump. These, and all other functional movements are "core to extremity".  This means the movement starts at the core, the hips, and moves to the extremities, the arms and legs. So go get yourself a box and see what you can do!  Lets bring the World Record to the INFERNO!!!!

Life sometime takes people in different directions so we get people coming in and going out of our family.  We love that they come here and we are sad when they leave.  Cam Smith has been with us since the old gym days and has been a trainer with us.  He will be heading up to Canada for some time with his family.  So, sadly, we must say good bye for now.  Cam, you always have a place here when you come back!  To help out with the classes, Dawn Ross will be training again with us.  She is a Level 1 certified trainer and trained classes when we were in our old gym.  Thanks for stepping up Dawn!!

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"Thrusters thrusting!"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Thrusters  (20min time limit)





5 rounds of: (20min time limit)

Walking Lunges, 50' (45#, 25#)

21 reps Burpees

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