Today is all about Dads. Fathers are the men in our lives that do whatever is necessary for us.  They protect us, cloth us, teach us, show us, care for us and love us.  They are the men we look up to and try to copy the good things about and try to learn from their mistakes of their lives and apply that to our lives to be a better person.  My dad is a driving force in my life as someone I look up to and always have.  He has big shoes to fill and I only hope I am doing as good a job as him!  Thanks Dad for everything and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!

I want to congratulate two of our INFERNO members who got married last night in a beautiful ceremony at the San Luis Obispo Jack House.  Tim Cano and Molly Morris, who are now Tim and Molly Cano, both workout together at the Inferno and now will be living their lives as true team mates.  Congrats you guys!  Good luck on life and we love you both!!!!
"Happy Pop's Day"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Back Squat


*4 seconds to descend and then as fast as possible to stand back up.




9 rounds for time of:

9 KB Swings (55#, 35#)

9 Push-ups


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