Strength is a key component to athleticism.  It will allow you to move more weight and do more work.  Its not the only component to a truly "Fit" individual but it is very important.  This is why we have either a portion of our workout, or a full day, where we do strength work.  Now, like all other parts of our programing, proper scaling is the key and its all about "Relative Strength".  This means that we are trying to improve each member's strength compared to him or herself.  So just because someone is deadlifting 450 pounds doesn't mean you have to.  It means that we are wanting you to do 10 or 20 more pounds than your current personal record (PR).  So, you will almost always see a strength component somewhere worked into our WODs.  Besides, when you are used to moving "Large Loads, Long Distances, Quickly"......just imagine how fast you will be when its all just body weight!  So lets ALL get strong!!!!!


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"Quarter Gone Bad"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

5 rounds for time:

Thrusters (135#, 95#) max reps in 15 secs

rest 45 secs

Weighted Pull-ups (50#, 35#) max reps in 15 secs

rest 45 secs

Burpees max reps in 15 secs

rest 45 secs




200m sprints

8 reps on 2 minutes

*object is to go as fast as possible on each sprint!!!

Post reps of each movement, totals, and sprint times to comments: