Today Aaron Morales is leaving us for bigger pastures and new life experiences.  He came to us with zero knowledge of what Crossfit was and overnight was transformed to the way we think.  He didn't just sip the "kool-aide", he guzzled it down and didn't stop.  Over his time here, he has become the most commenting person on our daily blog and dove deep into Crossfit and all of its elements.  He has had GIGANTIC levels of growth and we are sorry to see him go.  But every bird needs to leave the nest and spread their wings.  I know that wherever he goes he will do well.  Good Luck Aaron!  We wish you well and hope you will still hit us up in the comments! Of course you are welcome back to WOD it up also:)

There will be a "going-away" party today at Dawn's House starting at 6pm.  Let Dawn know if you are planning on coming and what you will be bringing.  They are taking care of the meat but everything else is up for grabs.  Hit her here if you need to also!
"Bye bye birdie!"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Back Squats





30 reps Box Jumps

1 Rope Ascent

20 reps Box Jumps

2 Rope Ascents

10 reps Box Jumps

3 Rope Ascents

50 Toes to the Bar

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