We have had MANY new people come in the INFERNO lately.  This is great because people are starting to realize that the normal gym just wont do what its supposed to do.  The INFERNO has what people need to stay involved, get results and KEEP results!  The trainers we have, the programming that we use, and the community of people that we have all make for an environment to let loose and get into that functional shape that will allow you to lead a more active and enjoyable life.  With this being said, all you current members, when you see someone new, make sure and introduce yourself.  Remember how intimidating it cam be to come to the gym for the first time.  Tell them hi and let them know it will be the most fun they have had working out and that they are in the greatest place ever!!!  Keep it up everyone!!!

"Love Thy Bar"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete 5 rounds for time:

15 reps Deadlift (155#, 105#)

12 reps Power Cleans (155#, 105#)

9 reps Front Squats  (155#, 105#)

6 reps Push Jerk (155#, 105#)

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