How do you classify yourself in this gym?  We have all kinds of people here.  See if these sound familiar.  Are you a competitor?  Do you go to all the events and your drive is all about the next competition?  Are you a military or public safety person that wants to be able to give the most to your community and your crew?  Are you a housewife that wants to get back to being that fun, sassy, athletic girl from years ago?  Are you a grandparent that wants to be able to rough house with your grand kids for more years to come and tire them out?  Are you looking for something to drive you and keep you going instead of the normal boring workouts at the big gyms?  Are you someone that is training for a specific sport or event and looking for the INFERNO to give you that extra "umph" over the competition?  We have all of them here and this is the only gym where we have all these different people but the goal is the same.......Functional Fitness and Ready for ANYTHING!!!  So when I look out into our crowded classes, you want to know what i see?  I see INFERNO CROSSFITTERS!  That's what all of you are!  Be proud of what you are and where you train!!!!

"Burner WODs"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete for time: (10 min time limit)

20 reps Chest to Overhead anyway (185#, 115#)

40 reps Burpees over DB or KB

*this can be broke up anyway you like as long as all the reps are completed




3 rounds for time: (10 min time limit)

10 reps Overhead Squats (135#, 95#)

50 reps Double Unders (or tuck jumps)

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Chris Spealler doing todays 2nd WOD [mov] [wmv]