Why in the world would we do "muscle-ups" for a workout?  Well first, Crossfit steals from the best and gymnasts have some of the best body weight strength, flexibility, balance and coordination of all athletes.  The muscle-up requires all of those aspects to complete it, and to do multiple muscle-ups requires even more!  Some of you may not be able to get the muscle-up yet.  Don't despair.  The sub for it is 3 pull-ups and 3 dips per 1 muscle-up.  This isn't a true substitution but it gives you a good workout.  To truly improve on the muscle up you need to take time to learn the steps.  We stress Full Range of Movement in all of our moves and the muscle-up requires Full Range "deep" ring dips, and a true chest to bar pull-up.  Continue to build the strength through the full range of these moves then work on the coordination of muscle-up.  You will get it! Check out the link below to see if these steps will help.


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete for time:

30 reps Muscle-ups

*Sub 90 chest to bar pull-ups and 90 deep dips. Do in alternating sets of 10 reps




100m Sprints

12 reps on 45 seconds

*total time 9 minutes

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