I want to thank all of you who were at the Foundations Class yesterday.  The movements we do here at the INFERNO have to be learned.  They are functional movements yes, but for adults to truly be functional, we need to re-teach ourselves to move correctly.  So we broke all the movements down and gave you a basis from which to work.  Now its time to practice everything you have learned. This practicing will happen when you do your warm-ups, they will happen when you are doing the workouts, and they will happen when you are moving about your world each and everyday.  So the next time you are picking yo the laundry, or lifting your child in the air, or sitting down, think about your body and the all the key points we gave you.  Remember, when you are moving functionally, you are moving safely and efficiently.  Keep up the good work!!!

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


10 min to find your 3 rep max (30 sec per total 3 rep attempt)




"Kelly": as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

400m run

30 reps Box Jumps (24#, 20#)

30 reps Wall Balls (20#, 15# @ 10')

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