Well its begun!  We opened up the door to Crossfit here in the Central Coast and now many others are wanting to get into the game.  You will hear about other crossfit gyms, gyms that do "crossfit-like" or "crossfit-style" workouts.  This is all good because this type of training is definitely better tan the normal big box style of working out.  So whats the difference between all the gyms then?  Well anyone can throw some moves together and do it for a couple rounds.  The big difference is in the training that you receive.  We are the only gym in the entire county that has the highest level of trainer that Crossfit has to offer, a Level 2 Trainer.  This is equivalent to the Crossfit Head Quarters trainers.  There are currently approximately 300 level 2 trainers world wide and we have one here in our gym.  The great thing is that ALL of our Level 1 Trainers are held to the same high standard as our Level 2 Trainer.  They all may be different in personality and style in which they train but all hold the same ideas when it comes to training:  1) Safety for all the members, 2) Stressing perfect form and correcting relentlessly, 3)  Making sure that all of our members and visitors get the most out of their workout, 4)  Constantly assessing our members and their goals making sure they are moving forward with their fitness and 5)  Ensuring an amazing INFERNO experience when they come to our gym.  We are here for you and because of you.  When you come here.....you get the best there is!!  Keep up the great work everyone!!


Foundations Class this Saturday starting at 8am at the gym.  Come in your gym clothes and get ready to improve your movements!!!!  Email crossfitinferno@gmail.com if you are coming!
"3 parts"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

1)  1000m Row for time




2)   5 rounds of:

10 reps Deadlift (225#, 155#)

10 reps Squat Cleans (135#, 95#)




3)   How many Push-ups can you get without stopping?

*Once you start you have to keep the same pace and not break cadence or stop for any reason.  If you do you, your are done. Full Range of Motion!


**You one-handers, Row Sub: do single arm Sumo Deadlift High Pull with your good arm with 25#DB for 100 reps.  5 Round sub: 1 arm deadlift w 70# KB, Single legs step ups on box @32", rt leg then lt leg equals 1 rep. Push-up sub:  How many sit-ups in a minute without stopping.

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