High Expectations.....this is what we have for ALL of our members.  We set the bar high on form, speed, strength, stamina, power, and everything else in the gym.  Our programming is also set at a high standard.  What is the purpose of making everything so hard?  To make you the best YOU possible.  We have heard it many times from visitors to our gym about how heavy, or how hardcore our prescribed workouts are.  We appreciate these comments because it is something that we strive for.  We figure the top 15% - 20% will be prescribed most of the time.  Those that aren't "Rx'ed", will scaled so that they can finish the workout in the appropriate time. But even if you are scaling, it is still based on a high expectation that was set on you.  The high expectations give you something to shoot for as you crush your personal bests.  We keep the bar high because sometime you cant do it for yourself.  We keep the bar high because we demand the best from the best members.  All of you have made such amazing gains based on the programming we have here at the INFERNO.  We are very proud of all your accomplishments and we hope that you are very proud of what you did to get to these goals.  Keep up the hard work and don't ever accept or expect anything other than HIGH EXPECTATIONS!!!


Foundations Class will be held this Saturday at 8am at the gym.  We will also be having or normal 930am class going on at the same time.  For the foundations class, bring your workout attire.  We will not be doing a normal workout, but you will be spending much time in the squatting position as we learn the 9 basic moves of Crossfit.  Email us at crossfitinferno@gmail.com if you are coming! You can pay online at the INFERNO Store , or bring cash or check to the gym.  See you there!!!

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"Boom Pow!"
INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


*5 min warm-up with some lighter weighted jerks

*15 min to find your 1 RM jerk from the rack





Overhead Squats (135#, 95#) from the ground

Chest to Bar Pull-ups


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 Jerk video [wmv][mov]

Heres a video of a guy in the Northeastern Regionals doing todays 21-15-9 wod.