Why Inferno?

The INFERNO is a CrossFit Program that will train its members, public safety personnel, military, athletes, grand parents, college students, high school kids, and anyone who wants to be part of the INFERNO community, in broad based fitness employing strength lifts, gymnastics, core foundations, functional movements, and high intensity interval daily workout routines. This program will allow its followers to be ready for any task. Need to hike a mountain with a pack, climb over a wall, lift something from the ground and put it over your head, pick up your grand children, save a life, win an athletic competition, enjoy an active lifestyle?

The answer is that you will be ready for any and all of these!

There is NO other program out there like CrossFit. If you are an elite athlete, the workouts will crush you to the ground. If you are someone who realizes that you need to change your level of fitness so that you can improve yourself or if your a public safety officer (police or fire) and realizes the same thing, this program will enable you to give the community what you swore to do for them. We can have ultra athletes, current athletes, and brand new athletes all working out at the same time doing the same fundamental workout because each and every workout is completely scalable. The needs of Olympic athletes and aging grandparents differ by degree of the workout, not by the kind of workout. Functionality and intensity is the key.

I want to welcome you to a new beginning in your fitness. Enjoy what you will put your body through. The curiosity will soon become an addiction for you like it has for so many!