I have been working out at Northern Inferno for just over two months and am seeing great results. Even more exciting is that family/friends are seeing them too. But the most exciting is that my wife and two kids are working out now. My 10 y/o son has become obsessed with it; he is even attending the adult classes and doing scaled workouts and his self confidence is skyrocketing. I can’t wait for football to start so he can really show off his hard work.
— Jarl Nerdrum
December marks a YEAR that I’ve been doing Crossfit, I can honestly say that it’s the best thing that I’ve done for my fitness ever! I feel better than I probably have in 10 years. In the last year I’ve gotten stronger, lost about 20 lbs, my clothes fit better, my knees no longer hurt, and I can go faster, longer on the dirt bike. In the past I was probably just like everyone else, get a gym membership, go for a few months, see no improvement and quit. CF isn’t like normal gyms, the workouts are quick, hard, and different every day. There is no chance to get bored and the team atmosphere is very motivational. My family, friends, and coworkers are probably all tired of hearing my talk about how great CF is. I just want them to experience the all-around increase in the quality of life that CF can give you. Just show up, and don’t be afraid of all the young kids (I’m 49). The trainers will take great care of you, and the workout will be scaled to your ability. Give it a few months, you’ll see progress, and you too will be hooked.
— Richard Reyes
Crossfit is so addictive. it’s no wonder the first one is free 🙂 after just a couple of months with the inferno gym, i think i can safely sayI’mm done with faking it at the average gyms. nothing compares to the varied workouts and complex movements at Crossfit. things were pretty rough when I started, and while I still have a long way to (that muscle-up will be mine), my overall fitness has increased drastically. my desk job keeps my butt in a chair for most all of the day, but because of Crossfit I’m walking taller and no longer slouch in my chair. those little aches and pains are gone (replaced with sore muscles, but damn they hurt so good 🙂 ).I’vee done other workouts in the past that push you hard, but nothing has ever given anything close to the functional strengthCrossfitt has brought to my everyday life. I’m not one to pimp stuff that often, but I just can’t shut up about Crossfit inferno. on top of it all, the people there are so cool. there aren’t enough good things to say. I’m officially hooked. I get withdrawals. honest. thank you so much to the coaches and to the rest of you that make it supportive with just enough of that friendly competition tossed in.
— Ryan Starr
I can say with all honesty that Crossfit Inferno has done for me what a trainer of 2 years couldn’t. Yup, I had a personal trainer for the better part of 2 years, from 2006-2008. And while the workouts were intense, they were not “functional”. Since 2008 I have been flying solo in the gym. The first time I went to the Inferno I was told that it was addictive, which I didn’t believe. I knew it would be intense but I didn’t think it would do for me what isolation movements etc. would (I was oblivious to the ‘functional’ aspect of fitness). So, I told myself I would supplement my gym routine with this a day or 2 a week. That was before my first free session. I remember it vividly; 4 rounds of 15 Deadlifts and 15 pull-ups for time. Never had I been so spent in such a short amount of time. After that session, I canceled my gym membership and never looked back! I’ve been an Infernite ever since and am loving every minuted of it. This program is so unique yet the movements are so fundamental to your everyday life. I love the team atmosphere and the competitiveness, both with others and myself. That aspect really helps me push harder than I had ever done in the gym. I love it and I will sing its praises to anyone with an open ear. Keep up the good work.
— Chase Morgan
IT’S TRUE: Crossfit will change your life for the better, even if you’re not looking for a change! I was that girl who wanted to be physically strong, but didn’t want to look like a muscle-builder. I could never seem to keep my motivation up long enough to make any physical progress, and figured I was just ‘not naturally born’ a super athlete ...my body started to tighten up within a month of joining the Inferno, and I can now lift more weight than many guys I know. I wanted to work hard if it was worth it but wanted to have some fun too, and dreamed of a comfortable environment in which to workout where people weren’t judging me based on how many minutes I did on the elliptical machine...In Crossfit the only one who judges you is yourself. The environment is so positive and the people are there to support you, they are your team, they’re pushing you when you need it, and letting you do your own thing if it’s been a long day and you’re pissed off. I used to dread ‘workout time’ because it was SOOO boring and never seemed to make a difference...now it is literally my adult reccess. You feel amazing after the wrkouts. The personal progress is literally limitless and with dedication, results start to appear before your eyes! And it’s not just Crossfit, but the Inferno itself. Each class is like having a personal trainer by your side to remind you to ‘arch your back’, or ‘stay on your heels’ to help prevent injury and help you improve. You will see a whole new competitive side of yourself come out, making you work that much harder to get you to do things you may NEVER have thought you could do (i.e. pull ups!) Everyone starts at their own level and works at their own pace. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is effective. You will work hard, be humbled, sweat, bleed, cry, laugh, and be amazed by what you find here. Before you know it you will be trying to get everyone you know to join. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SHOW UP!
— Keely
I started doing Crossfit a little over 7 weeks ago and I can’t believe the dramatic change in me. I was very dedicated to working out my entire life until I opened a restaurant. Becoming a chef put a lot of weight on me and as of four years ago I pretty much reached my max. I was determined to drop the weight and was doing it gradually, but when I heard about Crossfit, I thought, that’s for me. I had tried a bit to workout a few times in the past four years, but I only injured myself because I didn’t understand that I couldn’t do what I used to. Now I am injury free and I feel great. Bill and the instructors are wonderful and they really teach you how to do the moves correctly. And many times in my past I would have to change my workout routine because it became boring and, well, routine. There is nothing boring or routine about Crossfit. I am also older than probably everyone else that I work out with, but no one treats me that way. Everyone is unbelievably supportive. Before discovering Crossfit Inferno, I has almost resigned myself to believing that I was never going to be what I was — that those days were over. But now I know that I’m going to get pretty damn close. I have a ways to go but I am on my way, thanks to Crossfit and Bill and the team at Crossfit Inferno.
— Deborah Scarborough
My husband and I joined cross fit three weeks ago. After our first workout, I thought to myself “There is no way I am going to be able to keep up with these people”. Well, I love a challenge and that is what Crossfit does for you. You are forced to compete with yourself every time you show up and push yourself to a new level and it is so invigorating! Not only have we found something really healthy to do together as a couple, but we have seen amazing results in such a short time. We are addicted already! Everyone you meet there is there for the same reason so the people are helpful, motivating and really supportive. We wish we could change our schedules to be there more often! Looking forward to whipping out a few handstand pushups and some unassisted pull-ups in the next six months!! Yeah me!!
— Brooke Lorber