Crossfit Warm-up


How it works...

This warm up allows your body to increase the temp of the body but also prep the muscles to be worked.  Do an “top to bottom” stretch then follow up with 10-15 reps of each movement:  Push-ups, Pull-ups, Air Squats, Shoulder Press, Over Head Squats, Sit-ups or GHD Sit-ups, and Back Extensions.  On shoulder press and OHS use 45 lbs if your a male and 25 lbs if your a female.  IT is meant to help warm-up the muscles not strain them.

Once you have gone through all the moves, then you have completed 1 round.  If the WOD states CF warm-up x 3, then you go through all movements 3 times.

You should be breathing a bit heavier and feel your heart rate up.